Viya now has the latest UPS REST API available

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last change: 6-2-2024

We are thrilled to inform you that Viya now has the latest UPS REST API available in our portfolio of carrier integrations. This new integration based on JSON will replace the previous version which was based on XML, and can be used for Express and Parcel shipments both Domestically (within Europe) and Internationally.

During the coming months all customers will be migrated to the latest version, and new customers will obviously only have this version available as an option within our platform.

Utilizing the UPS JSON REST API offers significant advantages, both in optimizing your shipping processes and in improved security standards like OAuth 2.0. This API provides seamless access to a comprehensive set of tools and features such as Quantum view notifications, neutral deliveries, paperless and Premier services. It facilitates easy retrieval of vital information such as tracking details, delivery dates, online rates, and more.

PLD200 is used for WorldEase and consolidation, and is not part of the UPS JSON REST API integration. Dangerous goods is expected to be available in this integration soon.

Please visit our UPS integration page for more details about all service levels and service options within this UPS JSON REST API integration.

Johan de Grijff, Commercial Director
published on: 6-2-2024
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