Integrations & Plug-ins

Integrating your systems with Viya is easy

For simple and reliable integration into your host system, Viya offers the Viya Shipping API, a powerful tool that can be fully adapted to your unique logistics workflows. Small and flexible function calls make it possible to create a shipment early on in the shipping process, then enrich it with data along each step of the process.

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When a specific WMS or ERP is used by more shippers, it can be useful to consider building a plug-in which enables users of those host-systems to connect with Viya within a few clicks. We have a lot of experience with integrations and plug-ins in our ShipitSmarter platform. However, at this moment we do not have any plug-ins available for Viya yet.

Deciding which plug-ins should be build first, is depending on feedback from the market. If you want to work with Viya using your WMS or ERP, please reach out to us to discuss.

Host-systems we have experience integrating with