Why Viya

Viya empowers shippers to take control of their shipping process.

Easy to use

Ease of use is our priority. During a peak season, training temporary staff to create shipping labels should take minutes rather than hours. Therefore, we pay special attention to designing an intuitive UI. Our documentation is updated as part of the continuous product release cycle, giving your users always up to date user guides and tech insights.


You’re in charge of configuring carrier settings. This lowers runtime dependencies and the need for expensive and time-consuming onboarding procedures. It also increases flexibility: adding another carrier to handle your transportation will be as simple as going through a wizard.

Secure & reliable

Thanks to cloud-native technologies, enjoy maximum data security, easy recovery, and platform reliability. Our systems are running cloud exclusively, the system- and code are running immutable, and your environment is always isolated. Forget about OTAP: every change is tested in a completely new environment, where every component, from the firewall to the API offering, is tested and created on the fly within minutes!

Connect any carrier

Communicating with all your carriers from one central hub is the most valuable benefit a shipping platform can offer. But with a diversified carrier portfolio, there’s always the odd one out that’s too small for a targeted integration. Viya lets you connect to your local heroes with industry-standard connections for electronic data exchange.