Easily determine the best shipment method

While creating a shipment upon order release, many companies simply choose the carrier they always use for that type of shipment or that specific lane. Not comparing the available options.

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How Will Viya Help?

We help shippers reduce costs and increase revenue by optimising their shipping process. We give them tools to automate parts of it, allowing them to refine their shipping process without complicating its daily execution.


Online Rates

  • Easily access your rates with DHL, UPS and FedEx (Express).
  • No need to upload massive ratecards/tariff sheets.
  • Just configure your account and go!

Offline Rates

  • Upload your rates if the carrier doesn’t offer a Rates API we can use.
  • Get all your carrier rates in one place.
  • Easy way to check correctness of carrier invoices.

Transport options

Some carriers like DHL Express, DHL Parcel, PostNL and FedEx Express offer a Transport options API, which we have made available through our platform. This feature allows you to check whether a Transport option is available prior to booking. The alternative would be to just try to book it, and then try again with other Transport options if it fails.

As UPS Express does not have such an API available, we have created one to support our customers. If you wish to use this API in your own system, you can request a free access token here to get full access to the UPS Transport options. You don’t have to be a Viya customer for this. Just send in the Collection address, Receiver address, handling Units, Declared Value and Currency and the API will send back the list with available sist of servicelevels and service options.

  • Prevents booking attempts with unavailable services, saving time and potential rebooking costs.
  • Integrate the API to offer customers real-time shipping options during checkout.