Take Control of Your Shipping

With our shipping platform, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the complexity of communicating with carriers. Helping you get your products into the hands of your customers efficiently and reliably.

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How Will Viya Help?

We help shippers reduce costs and increase revenue by optimising their shipping process. We give them tools to automate parts of it, allowing them to refine their shipping process without complicating its daily execution.

Multiple Carrier Options

  • We offer a wide range of shipping carrier options, allowing you to choose the ones that best suit your needs in terms of cost, delivery speed, and coverage. - Ensure that you can cater to various customer preferences and delivery requirements.

All Shipments in One Place

  • Easily standardise shipping procedures by using a Single Point of Entry for all created shipments. - Reduce errors by facilitating cooperation within teams. - Better overview of pending and historical shipments by maintaining a Single source of truth.

Optimise Your Carrier Portfolio

When handling increased shipment volume or entering new markets, your transportation needs change. Viya offers the flexibility to easily onboard new carriers, elevating your Supply Chain agility. - Our pre-built integrations come all-feature included and allow for faster onboarding of multiple carriers with ease. - Keep an overview of all your deliveries by self-connecting any carrier, even if that carrier isn’t working with us yet!


Address Validation and Correction

When entering shipping destinations, Viya actively assists by suggesting possible addresses matching the entered keywords, using your local address book and a public street address API. - Reduce shipping delays and returns caused by inaccurate addresses. - Our platform validates and corrects addresses to ensure smooth delivery to the intended recipients.

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Automated Labeling and Documentation

  • Automates the labeling and documentation process, generating shipping labels, invoices, and other required paperwork for your shipments.
  • Minimizes the risk of manual errors during the shipping process.
  • Ready to print in seconds.