Connect to carriers and host systems

Connecting or integrating to numerous different systems of your carriers can be a real time-consuming burden. And your It department, or an external IT Partner, needs to get involved despite the full agenda they already have.

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How Will Viya Help?

At Viya, we have most of the relevant carrier integrations already in place. Connecting to them now only requires a simple configuration. We will be your single point of entry for all shipments going forward. Easier to explain to new colleagues and way better when it comes to having a clear overview of all your current and historical deliveries. We help shippers by offering both self-configuration for Integrated carriers. and a Build-Your-Own functionality.

Integrated Carriers

  • Off the shelve integrations with the biggest transporting companies servicing the Benelux.
  • There’s always a next carrier integraton under construction.
  • Easy self-configuration.

With most of the big carriers in Express and Road transport, servicing the Benelux, we have an integration on the shelve. However, many companies don’t limit themselves to these carriers and also work with other transport companies. As there are thousands of these transporters in The Benelux alone, it’s impossible to have an integration with all of them.


  • Intuitive Carrier Integration builder.
  • Several market standards available to choice from.
  • All your carriers in one place!