UPS Paperless API enrollment

UPS Allows to provide digital copies of documents with your shipments. This is a contractual service that you need to enroll for.

Please follow the steps below to get started.

Enrollment steps

  1. Login to

  2. Check that the account number has been added to the profile. If not already: do this first. (you will have to provide some recent invoice details)

    1. Go to Accounts and Payment under the userid on the right top corner on the website: Alt text
    2. The account should be listed in this table: Alt text
    3. If not, add the account by clicking on the Add Account button on the right top corner of the table and follow instructions
  3. To enroll for paperless: edit the account under the account and payment methods by clicking on the three dots in the first column (Actions) and choose Edit from the popup menu

  4. From the Edit account .. page, select `Paperless Invoicing” from the left menu

    Alt text

  5. Follow the steps to complete the upload of letter head & signature.

  6. Select folowing items in the configuration page:

    1. Upload my own forms : checked Alt text
    2. Add letterhead logo: upload your letterhead logo

    Alt text

  7. If all went ok, the confirmation screen shows Alt text

  8. It takes a few hours for the API to allow the request. By experience, it took 2-4 hours for above account.