Schenker Netherlands - Ordering


The eSchenker ordering integration supports services for land and air transport.

Not supported

  • Schenker OCEAN transport is currently not supported
  • Dangerous goods details provided to Schenker

Carrier label

The eSchenker ordering integration provides the label back in PDF in any of the following two formats:

  • A4
  • A6

DB Schenker road label

eSchenker label

DB Schenker IATA air label

eSchenker air label

Note: Not all fields in the DB Schenker IATA air label are populated(e.g. airwaybill no, airline, departure, destination). This data is available later in the process, therefore Schenker allows customers to use their own label. Schenker relabels the shipment on arrival at the warehouse.


The Service level is present on the Viya shipment at {shipment}.serviceLevelReference.

Mode of transportProduct codeDescriptionTrigger
AirfDB SCHENKERjetcargo firstService level = FIRST
AirsDB SCHENKERjetcargo specialService level = SPECIAL
AirbDB SCHENKERjetcargo businessService level = BUSINESS
AireDB SCHENKERjetcargo economyService level = ECONOMY
AireagdDB SCHENKERjetexpress goldService level = GOLD
AireasvDB SCHENKERjetexpress silverService level = SILVER
Land44DB SCHENKER System PremiumService level CONTAINS PREMIUM
Land71DB SCHENKERfull loadService level = FULLOAD
Land72DB SCHENKERpart loadService level = PARTLOAD
Land51Premium 08Service level CONTAINS 08
Land53Premium 12Service level CONTAINS 12
Land55Premium 10Service level CONTAINS 10
Land56Premium 13Service level CONTAINS 13
Land57Fix Day 10Service level CONTAINS 10 and = true
Land58Fix Day 13Service level CONTAINS 13 and = true
Land59Fix Day 12Service level CONTAINS 12 and = true

Note: Applicable product codes depends on the customer contract. The customer has to align this with Schenker as this should be in the Schenker contract.


The following service options are supported:

Mode of transportService optionDescriptionTrigger
Air/LandcargoInsuranceDefines if cargo insurance is requiredat least one {handlingUnit}.serviceOptions.insuredValue is not empty
Air/LandindoorDeliveryDefines if indoor Delivery is requiredserviceOptions.deliveryInside = true
Air/LandneutralShippingDefines a business scenario where teh Schenker customer sends a ordering request in the name of his ordering partyserviceOptions.neutralDelivery = true
landdeliveryDateFixToBeAgreedMake an appointment prior to deliveryserviceOptions.appointmentForDelivery = true
landliftingPlatformDefines if shipment ahs Tail lift platform at pickup and/or = true
landpreNoticeDeliveryPre notice before deliverypartload (72) or fulload (71) and:
serviceOptions.preAdviceDelivery => useEmail or useSms equals true
LandownPickupDefines if shipment requires own pickupserviceOptions.holdForPickup = true
LanddriverPreAdvise*Defines if shipment requires pre advise to driverserviceOptions.preAdviceDelivery.useDriverPhone = true and
addresses.receiver => contactName and contactPhone both not empty

*This is only available for eSchenker service levels 43 (DB Schenker System) or 44 (DB Schenker System Premium).

Not supported service options
Mode of transportService optionDescriptionTrigger
Air/LandcashOnDeliveryDefines if cash on delivery is requiredNot supported
LandpreAdviseToConsigneeDefines if shipment required pre adviseNot supported
LandheatedTransportDefines if shipment required heated transportNot supported
LandhomeDeliveryDefines if shipment required home deliveryNot supported
LandpharmaceuticalsDefines if shipment is pharmaceuticalNot supported
LandtemperatureDefines the temperature of the shipmentNot supported
LandpreAdviseToConsigneeEmailDefines if shipment requires pre advise to consignee via emailNot supported
LandfrostFreeDefines if shipment is required to be frost freeNot supported
LandprivateDeliveryInsidePrivate delivery, delivered insideNot supported
LandprivateDeliveryAtWorkPrivate delivery, at workNot supported
LandprivateDeliveryInsideReturnablePackagingPrivate delivery, delivered inside with returnable packagingNot supported
LandprivateDeliveryInsideReturnOfOldDevicePrivate delivery, delivered inside with return of old deviceNot supported
LandprivateDeliveryInsideReturnablePackagingOldDevicePrivate delivery, delivered inside with returnable packaging and return of old deviceNot supported
LandreturnShipmentReturn ShipmentNot supported
LanddispersionAgreementDispersion AgreementNot supported
LandrefrigeratedRefrigeratedNot supported
LandassistenceDriverDeliveryAssistence Driver DeliveryNot supported
LandassistenceDriverPickupAssistence Driver PickupNot supported
LandindoorPickupIndoor PickupNot supported
LandunmannedLocationDeliveryUnmanned Location DeliverNot supported
LandunmannedLocationPickupUnmanned Location PickupNot supported
LandcraneServiceDeliveryCrane Service DeliveryNot supported
LandcraneServicePickupCrane Service PickupNot supported
LandrecyclingRecyclingNot supported
LandremovalAndRecyclingOfPackagingMaterialRemoval and Recycling of Packaging MaterialNot supported

Time window delivery

Besides the mentioned service options, for Land transport with Schenker service 71 (FTL) or 72 (LTL), Schenker allows the following time window delivery options to be set by setting the time to specific values:

Schenker time window delivery serviceset time to

Document upload

The eSchenker integration also allows uploading of documents in the API request. The below table shows the files that can be uploaded in the API request towards Schenker. The document types are not transmitted to DB Schenker. Only the filename, extension and Base64 converted file are transmitted via eSchenker.

Document type
Phytosanitarian Certificate
ATA Carnet
Certificate of Origin
CMR Document
Commercial Invoice
Excise Document
Goods Certificates
Import Customs Document
Licenses and Permits
Customer Delivery Note
Dangerous Goods Documents
Export Customs Declaration
Loading Device Document
Packing List
Customs Preference Document
Price Quotation
Export Declaration
Transit Customs Document

NOTE: The file size of the document that is uploaded can not be larger then 6MB


The incoterm is present on the Viya shipment at {shipment}.incoterms.incoterm.

The following Schenker Incoterms are supported:

Mode(s) of transportIncoterm codeDescriptionshipment incoterm value
Air/LandEXWEx Worksexw
Air/LandFCAFree Carrierfca
Air/LandCPTCarriage Paid Tocpt
Air/LandCIPCarriage Insurance Paidcip
Air/LandDAPDelivered at Placedap
Air/LandDATDelivered at Terminaldat
Air/LandDDPDelivery Duty Paidddp
AirCFRCost and Freightcfr
LandDDUDelivery Duty Unpaidddu
LandDAFDelivery At FrontierWas removed in 2010 => No longer supported
LandDPUDelivery At Place Unloadeddpu

Package types

The package type code is present on the Viya shipment at {shipment}.handlingUnits.packageTypeCode.

The following Schenker package types are supported:

Package codeDescriptionPackageTypeCode values
CICanister(s)can, can-rectangular
CHCrate(s)contains crate
GPSkeleton box pallet(s)case-skeleton
CSCase(s)contains case, but NOT case-skeleton
NEUnpacked Skid(s)unpacked
BGBag(s)contains bag
BLBale(s)bale-compressed, bale-non-compressed
DRBarrel(s)contains barrel
BXBox(es)contains box but not pallet-box
TRDrum(s)contains drum
EPEuropallet(s)pallet-100x120-euro, pallet-40x30-euro, pallet-60x40-euro, pallet-80x120-euro, pallet-80x60-euro
OPOne-way pallet(s)pallet-100x120-oneway, pallet-80x120-oneway, pallet-80x60-oneway, pallet-oneway
XPPallet(s)contains pal and NOT Europallet (EP) or One-way pallet (OP)
ZZOther(s)If any of the above package types is not triggered
Not supported package types

The following package types are not supported:

Package codeDescriptionPackageTypeCode values
CTCarton(s)not supported
COColli(s)not supported
HOHobbock(s)not supported
PKPackage(s)not supported
PZPipe(s)not supported


Schenker NL Road prefers loadmeters to be provided for Road shipments. This allows them to plan their routes throughout the day as the bookings are being made. The loadmeter is provided to Schenker if the user enters the loadmeter in the shipment. For instances where the users cannot enter the loadmeter in the shipment, a setting can be made to have the integration calculate the loadmeter based on the shipment dimensions.

This is done by setting the Calculate loadmeters for land transport NL origins setting to Yes. The loadmeter is calculation is based on Schenker NL specifications but will apply for all countries if the setting is enabled:

This is simplified to:

  1. Stackable pallets use calculation: Loadmeter = LxW/2.40/2
    1. Stackable means:
      1. Indicated as stackable in {handlingUnit}.isStackable = true
      2. Pallet is lower than 120cm : {handlingUnit}.height <= 120
    2. Pallets are defined in {handlingUnit}.packageTypeCode contains pal
  2. Non-stackable pallets use calculation: Loadmeter = LxW/2.40
    1. Non-stackable means:
      1. Indicated as non-stackable in {handlingUnit}.isStackable = false
      2. or pallet is higher than 120cm: {handlingUnit}.height > 120
      3. or any package (pallets or non-pallets) above 25kg

Modules not integrated

The following modules are not integrated with DB Schenker:

  • Shipment ordering cancellation
  • Invoice integration