API definition

What is the easiest way of shipping? Having it all automated! We have a RESTful API that you can use to integrate with your own systems.

You can use it to create shipments, get shipping rates, and much more.

  • Shipping
    • When you want use the latest and easiest methods for creating and managing your shipments: use this collection of APIs to fill the platform with shipments and be able to access them through our web portal.
  • Configurations
    • Are you tired of manually maintaining your carrier configurations? Use this collection of APIs to create and manage your carrier configurations directly from your host system, or even build your own setup. It might look a bit intimidating but we have a very nice web portal that uses these APIs and guide you through this initially. Offcourse we like your feedback for further improvement, but if you prefer a different workflow or specific defaults, this API set can be used for your custom front-end.
  • Carrier Integrations
    • Your TMS or WMS system has all the tricks you need to determine the carrier, store shipping labels, maintain the tracking state etc..? You can directly call our carrier integrations. This assumes that all shipment state is managed within your host systems.
    • When calling the carrier integrations directly you will not be able to find the shipments in our web portal as it is then the task of your host system to keep track of everything.
    • Before using the Carrier integrations, they need to be configured through the Configurations API or web portal.