DPD Netherlands tracking integration

The Tracking integration with DPD Netherlands allows you to request tracking information for your shipments.

This integration will return a list of tracking events for the shipment provided.

Please note, that the shipment’s first handling unit must contain a trackingReference.

Tracking events

Below list of events are returned by DPD:

  • PickedUp – Accepted (and picked-up) by DPD
  • Depot – At delivery depot
  • BetweenDepots – On a transport between DPD Hubs/Depots
  • Courier – Out for delivery
  • ReturningFromDelivery – Returned to delivery depot
  • DeliveryFailure – Unable to deliver the parcel
  • Customs – At cross border checking (for non-EU shipments)
  • Warehouse – Held at warehouse for consolidation/rerouting
  • ParcelShop – At a pickup point
  • Consolidation – Parcel consolidated for new delivery
  • Delivered – Parcel received by recipient.