DPD Netherlands pickup integration

The pickup integration with DPD Netherlands allows you to request a pickup for your shipments.

This integration communicates the following elements to DPD:

  • The sender, receiver and collection address details
  • The total number of handling units and weight of each handling unit
  • The pickup start date (and, optional, start and end times)

Please note, that DPD Netherlands is currently not able to handle multiple shipments in a single call.

Note, that no pickup request is sent to DPD for the following types of shipments:

  • Shop Returns (the shipment’s service option returns.pickupPolicy is equal to ServicePoint)
  • Collection requests (the shipment’s service option returns.isReturn is equal to true)

Collection request

Collection requests are already part of the ordering process. This does not require a specific pickup integration to be configured.

DPD’s definition of a “collection request”:

Collection request service represent an exchange between three
entities, where the Customer does not physically have the parcels to
be collected. This means that there is a Requester of the service itself,
a Sender of a goods and a Receiver of a goods, where all three
entities can be placed in one country but also in three different