Viya Email Integration

The Viya email integration is meant for those occasions where the shipper and carrier agree to exchange booking information via email and the Viya platform.


Within the email integration only the Ordering process is supported.

  1. A shipment is ordered by the shipper on the Viya platform.

    1. During this process:
      1. The tracking number is generated: this is the shipper assigned shipment reference.
      2. The shipper receives standard shipping labels to apply to the handling units.

    Alt text

  2. Viya sends an email to the carrier with high-level booking information, and a link to view details and the option to accept/decline the transport request.

    Alt text

  3. The carrier can accept or decline the requested transport based on the information provided in the email and the link

    1. If the carrier accepts the order:
      1. The shipment is marked accepted in the Viya platform.
      2. The carrier can collect the shipment according to the request.
    2. If the carrier dcelines the order:
      1. The shipment is marked refused in the Viya platform, and the shipper is notified.