Service level mapping

StandardParcelStandard Parcel DeliveryserviceLevelReference = parcel
Economy ParcelParcelStandard Parcel DeliveryserviceLevelReference = parcel
shipment.serviceOptions.signatureForDelivery = noSignatureRequired
ExpressService 0900ParcelExpress Service Delivery before 9 AMPARCEL_EXPRESS09Domestic Only
ExpressService 1200ParcelExpress Service Delivery before 12 AMPARCEL_EXPRESS12Domestic Only
ExpressService 1700ParcelExpress Service Delivery before 17 AMPARCEL_EXPRESS17Domestic Only
SHOPDEL+ParcelShop DeliveryPARCEL_SHOPDEL+Domestic Only
StandardFreightStandard Freight DeliveryFREIGHT
ExpressService 0900FreightExpress Service Delivery before 9 AMFREIGHT_EXPRESS09Domestic Only
ExpressService 1200FreightExpress Service Delivery before 12 AMFREIGHT_EXPRESS12Domestic Only
ExpressService 1700FreightExpress Service Delivery before 17 AMFREIGHT_EXPRESS17Domestic Only

Incoterm mapping

GLS supports several delivery terms. Per default 4 of these terms are mapped using the incoterm property combined with the service option splitDutiesFromVat. When needed, custom mappings can be configured in the carrier setup in the ordering module.

GLS codeGLS Incoterm referenceDescriptionTrigger
10DDPExporter pays duties, taxes, customs clearance feeShipment.incoterms.incoterm = ddp
11DDPindirect procedure 40 - Central clearance
12DDPindirect procedure 40 - Clearance final country
18VATIOSS Registration Scheme & VOEC
20DAPImporter pays duties, taxes, customs clearance feeShipment.incoterms.incoterm = dap
Shipment.serviceOptions.splitDutiesFromVat = false
21DAPdirect procedure 40 - Central clearance
30DDPExporter pays duties, customs clearance fee - the importer pays taxesShipment.incoterms.incoterm = ddp
Shipment.serviceOptions.splitDutiesFromVat = true
33DDPindirect procedure 42 - external fiskal representative
40DAPcleared, Exporter pays customs clearance fee, the importer pays taxes and dutiesShipment.incoterms.incoterm = dap
Shipment.serviceOptions.splitDutiesFromVat = true
41DAPdirect procedure 40 - Central clearance
50DDPExporter pays only customs clearance fee (only applicable for low value consignments)

PackageType Mapping