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GLS Netherlands

Product information

Version 1.0

GLS Parcel and Express services originated from the Netherlands

Service Levels

GLS BusinessParcel

The reliable basic product for shipping parcels domestically.

  • Europe domestic within country
  • GLS EuroBusinessParcel

    Shipping abroad: GLS delivers parcels quickly and reliably anywhere in Europe. Precisely-coordinated scheduled transports and modern depots link the individual countries..

  • Shipping within Europe
  • GLS GlobalBusinessParcel

    The GLS Parcel product for worldwide shipments.

  • Worldwide Shipping
  • GLS Express Parcel

    An (domestic) ExpressParcel is guaranteed to reach a destination before 5.00 pm the next day, including Saturdays. If desired, earlier delivery times are also possible, such as before 09:00, 10:00 or before 12:00 am.



    GLS NL API - create shipment

    This API allows you to process and submit shipping requests to produce a shipping label or return label.

    GLS NL API - cancel shipment

    Cancel shipments before they are handed over to the GLS driver.