Dachser supports various message formats for ordering and tracking shipments. After working with Dachser for years using edifact, we have choosen to continue with their XML messages as that is the most modern format we found in their portfolio. This document describes the XML message format for ordering & manifesting shipments.

Shipping label

A dachser specific shipping label is generated per handling unit

  • size: 100x150mm
  • Barcode: Per handling unit, SSCC number

shipping label

XML file

For ordering we optionally sent the forwardingOrder per shipment to Dachser. At manifesting we sent the forwarding order for all shipments in the manifest to Dachser.

Both ordering and manifesting trigger simular message, the only difference is that ordering will additionally provide segment: PreliminaryShipment\Action=5 to indicate it is a tranportAdvice.

Address sets

Following address sets are communicated with Dachser:

Address Code
DescriptionAddress-set used
LPCollection AddressIf addresses.collection <> addresses.sender set CollectionAddress
UCFinal delivery addressaddresses.ultimate
FWForwarderDachser partner ID and GLN. Provided by Dachser
CBCustoms agentaddresses.broker
DACover address consignor.
Final consignee not to be notified
of the actual sender.
Not implemented
REDeviating freight payeraddresses.thirdParty
WBCOD beneficiaryNot implemented


Dachser uses specific codes for incoterms. ShipitSmarter incoterms taken from https://www.shiphub.co/incoterms-2020/.

Delivery Condition
011Ex-WorksIncoterm = EXW
031Free deliveredIncoterm = DDP
031Free delivered, delivered at placeIncoterm = DAP
031Free delivered, delivered at terminalIncoterm = DPU
035Ex works including delivery against invoiceNot implemented
041Free border; uncleared excluding duty & taxNot implemented
081Free delivered; uncleared excluding duty & taxIncoterm = DAP
082Free delivered; cleared excluding duty & taxNot implemented
083Free delivered; cleared including duty, excluding taxIncoterm = DDP
serviceOptions.splitDuty.Instructions.InstructionList.splitDutiesFromVat = true
084Free delivered; cleared including duty & taxIncoterm = DDP
995Service goods, insured; only by arrangement with the consolidatorNot implemented
999Without charge; only by arrangement with the consolidatorNot implemented
  • Not-Crossing-EU-borders: indicates both collection and receiver address reside within the EU.
  • EU-Cross-Border: indicates that collection or receiver address reside outside the EU.

If a Not implemented code is desired: You can configure these based on the incoterms in the onboarding page of the Dachser integration. If a desired combination is not possible, please contact us.

Service Levels

Dachser Service CodeService NameDescriptionTrigger
ZtargospeedDelivery on next working dayserviceLevelReference = SPEED
Stargospeed 10Delivery on next working day by 10:00serviceLevelReference = SPEED10
Etargospeed 12Delivery on next working day by 12:00serviceLevelReference = SPEED12
Xtargospeed plusDelivery on next working day.
(only after consultation with responsible DACHSER-branch)
serviceLevelReference = SPEEDPLUS
VtargofixDelivery on a given date.serviceLevelReference = FIXDAY
Rtargofix 10Delivery on a given date by 10:00.serviceLevelReference = FIX1000
Wtargofix 12Delivery on a given date by 12:00.serviceLevelReference = FIX1200
YtargoflexDelivery within the scope of standard transit time (generally within 2 working days)serviceLevelReference = FLEX
Atargo on-siteDelivery “free kerb side” beside the truck at the consignee exclusively for free house terms.
A delivery appointment has to be agreed with the consignee.
The required contact information have to be specified within the corresponding fields (according to the data format).
serviceLevelReference = ONSITE
Note if EU-Cross-Border, only incoterm 084 is allowed
Btargo on-site plusDelivery in 1-man-handling “free delivered to maximum one customer specified unloading point” at the consignee.
A delivery appointment has to be agreed with the consignee.
The required contact information have to be specified within the corresponding fields (according to the data format).
serviceLevelReference = ONSITEPLUS
NclassiclineDelivery wthin the scope of transit time beyond the limits of the entargo countries.serviceLevelReference = CLASSIC

The following Service Levels are exclusively used by Dachser food division

Dachser Service CodeService NameDescriptionTrigger
EvengospeedTransit times according to km distance radii around the outbound terminal (DACHSER branch office or partner).
Germany-wide 24 h (exception Stavenhagen).
serviceLevelReference = VENGO
Svengospeed 11Delivery within the vengospeed transit times by 11:00 a.m.serviceLevelReference = VENGO11
Nvengoflex”Basic product for Europe. Valid for the countries: D, A, CH, H, LUX, B und NL.
Delivery within the scope of standard transit times.”
serviceLevelReference = VENGOFLEX
ShipFrom country DE, AU, CH, HU, LU , BE or NL
KvengoflexValid for remaining European countries (not listed under N).
Delivery within the scope of standard transit times
serviceLevelReference = VENGOFLEX
ShipFrom country not included in N
QvengofixDelivery on a defined date (without exact time of the day – at least two upcoming working days).
The required delivery appointment has to be specified in the corresponding fields (according to the data format).
On non-national public holidays, a separate agreement with the responsible outbound terminal (DACHSER branch office or partner) is required.
serviceLevelReference = VENGOFIX
Xvengospeed plusFor specific requirements (Saturday deliveries, extra tours, Sunday and holiday deliveries).
This product demands a bilateral agreement with the outbound terminal (DACHSER branch office or partner) in advance.
serviceLevelReference = VENGOPLUS
Iweekend serviceCollection of goods on Saturday, delivery within the vengospeed transit times.
Valid for the countries: D, A, B, NL, LUX, DK, PL.
Only after prior advice and bilateral agreement with the outbound terminal (DACHSER branch office or partner).
Not valid for collection orders.
serviceLevelReference = WEEKEND
Lweekend service 11Collection of goods on Saturday, delivery within the vengospeed transit times by 11:00 am.
Only valid in Germany.
Only after prior advice and bilateral agreement with the outbound terminal (DACHSER branch office or partner).
Not valid for collection orders.
serviceLevelReference = WEEKEND11

Services (Text Types)

Overview of implemented special services for Dachser

Dachser Text TypeDescriptionTrigger
ACPhone delivery notification (AC).
A manual call by the short distance driver,
approximately 1 hour before the delivery (e.g: Mrs Meier / Tel: 015200000012)
serviceOptions.preAdviceDelivery.useDriverPhone == true
AGAuthorized delivery (issued by the consignor)
- Use only in consultation with the responsible DACHSER branch -
The use of the text type “AG” is not permitted for shipments with customs goods,
dangerous goods and in the Food Logistics business unit
serviceOptions.signatureForDelivery == noSignatureRequired
APAutomated booking-in by SMS/email
(name and mobile number or mail address of the contact person)
ASNotification by SMS/email
(e.g: notification by SMS to tel. mobile number 015200000012 is required).
serviceOptions.preAdviceDelivery.useSms== true
ATPhone delivery booking.
Personal phone booking (e.g.: Mrs. Meier, Tel: 015200000012)
Not implemented (use Text Type AP)
CBAutomated collection booking
(e.g.: Book with Mrs. Meier by mail before collection, E-Mail: meier@booking.com)
instructions.carrierInstructions.collection populated
CNAutomated collection notification
(e.g.: Notify Mrs. Meier before collection, E-Mail: meier@notify.com)
Not supported
GEDangerous goods
(e.g. : Subject to small amount regulations)
dangerous goods items populated in handlingUnit
GSDangerous goods special information.
In case of special regulations additional information in the transport document.
Detailed information in the ADR of the respective national language.
Just for road shipments in europe
Not implemented
REInvoice text
(text which appears on the later freight invoice)
Dachser Invoice Text in onboarding configuration populated
SEText content has to be always “Secured” when this text type is used.
It identifies a consignment which is transported by the rules of the air security act.
Not implemented
SIMiscellaneous information
(e.g.: Pallets not stackable)
instructions.carrierInstructions.transport populated
WAGoods description;
Used only by arrangement with the responsible DACHSER-branch
Not implemented
Used only by arrangement with DACHSER IT-centre
Not implemented
ZUDelivery advice
(e.g.: Approach with trailer not possible or Goods-receiving-times)
instructions.carrierInstructions.delivery populated

**For TailLiftRequired use serviceOptions.liftGate.delivery = true
**For ConsigneeCollectionIndicator use serviceOptions.holdForPickup = true

References supported

Dachser provides a placeholder for additional references in the AdditionalReference section of the XML message. The following references are available.

Dachser referenceDescriptionTrigger
003The delivery note numberreferences.sapDelivery populated
004Customized referenceDachser Custom Reference in onboarding configuration populated
007The order number of the consigneereferences.customerPurchaseOrder populated
010MRN (Movement Reference Number)references.customsClearanceNumber populated
040Storing position referenceNot implemented
046Invoice separation criterionNot implemented
060Daily priceNot implemented
070Project CodeNot implemented
071Process CodeNot implemented
075Eircode (represents the postal code system in Ireland)Not implemented
312EKÁER number (only for transports related to Hungary)Not implemented
ITPIT provider recognitionshipmentCode

Package Types

Below Dachser package types are supported and can be provided using field handlingUnits.packageTypeCode.
Note Dachser requested us to use code EW for Block Pallet, Euro Pallet and Half Pallet.

Dachser IdDachser namepackageTypeCode
EWBlock palletpallet-100x120-euro
VEQuarter Euro palletpallet-60x40-euro
HEHalf Euro palletpallet-80x60-euro
EWEuro palletpallet-80x120-euro
EWHalf palletpallet-80x60
EUPallet undefinedpallet
EWOne way pallet non stackablepallet-oneway
C0Chep industrial Pallet 1,2x1mpallet-100x120-chep
C2Half Chep Palletpallet-60x80-chep
C3Quarter Chep Palletpallet-40x60-chep
C1Chep Palletpallet-80x120-chep
IBIBC containeribc*
KNJerri canjerri*
BBBig bagbag-flexi
KKPlastic Jerri canjerrican-plastic
KHCustomer sterile palletpallet-synthentic*
ZKCustoms envelopeenvelope

Note: The * indicates that any packageTypeCode that starts with that value is mapped to the Dachser package type.

If you want a different package type mapping or map one of the other available Dachser codes: configure the mapping overwrite in the onboarding configuration.


Temperatures are currently not supported. ShipitSmarter temperature ranges do not match Dachser temperature ranges.
Field serviceOptions.equipmentTemperature.

temperature code
AMBIENTTemperature range 15,0 °C - 25,0 °C
COOLEDTemperature range 2,0 °C - 8,0 °C
FROZENTemperature range -18,0 °C
temperature code
1Temperature range 2,0 °C - 4,0 °C
2Temperature range 4,1 °C - 7,0 °C
3Temperature range 12,0 °C - 18,0 °C
4Room temperature

Message notes

  • ShipitSmarter does not consolidate identic handlingUnits into 1 ShipmentLine. We create 1 ShipmentLine per handlingUnit.