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Dachser offers a large set of connectins for their Road, Air, Sea and contract logistics. Our integration covers the Road part at this moment.

Service Levels


targospeed: With targospeed the goods are shipped throughout Europe based on fixed transit times depending on distance. This time-optimized transit time applies to all European countries in the DACHSER European Logistics network. targospeed 10 und targospeed 12: With targospeed 10 and targospeed 12 you can speed up the delivery of your shipments: The shipment will arrive with the recipient by 10 am or 12 noon. targospeed 10 and targospeed 12 are only available in selected countries. targospeed plus: Provides a comprehensive 24-hour transit time. These shipments will be arranged individually for you on request.

  • Europe
  • Targofix

    The product for fixed delivery dates: You determine the delivery date on which your goods should arrive with the recipient. The advantage: Your customer can optimize their storage and incoming goods. As with targospeed, you can choose between targofix 10 and targofix 12 for delivery by 10 am or 12 noon in countries where this option is available.

  • Europe
  • Targofix

    If your timing is flexible, use targoflex. It is ideal for goods shipments that are not time-sensitive or bound to a specific time. With targoflex, we can offer you reliable integrated transport services at economical rates along with all the advantages of the entargo product family.

  • Europe
  • Tago on-site

    With the targo on-site product line, we offer an integrated service concept for B2C shipments to the recipient’s place of use. The targo on-site services complete our range of logistics services for the last leg of the journey. Curbside delivery by prior appointment. The delivery takes place mornings and afternoons with one-man handling for B2C shipments.

  • Europe
  • Targo on-site plus

    Perfect for delivery to a private customer's place of use. By prior appointment, the groupage can also be delivered to the customer’s home in the evening or on Saturdays with one-man handling. We dispose of the transport packaging on request.

  • Europe
  • Classicline

    With classicline, DACHSER offers you a reliable and safe transport solution for distant markets, where you can always rely on clearly defined processes and procedures. You control your transports via daily transports or weekly line connections. Fixed departures help you to plan ahead. Our productpilot gives you a quick overview of our range of services

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    Advice Forwarding order - XML

    pre-information of your forwarding orders (necessary to schedule the activity).They can be changed until the final Forwarding Order is sent. The advice forwarding order message can be configured to be provided to Dachser.